Worship at Saint David’s

Join us every Sunday for worship. We worship at 11:00 am according to the following schedule:

1st Sunday of the Month: Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday of the Month: Holy Communion
3rd Sunday of the Month: Morning Prayer
4th Sunday of the Month: Holy Communion
5th Sunday of the Month: As Posted

At Saint David’s, all of our services come from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the 1940 Hymnal. We offer a printed service bulletin at our services to help the congregation follow along. This bulletin contains the page numbers of the prayers, psalms, and hymns

Morning Prayer in the various editions of the Book of Common Prayer and other Anglican liturgical texts, was, until the last quarter of the twentieth century, the main Sunday morning service on most Sundays in all but the most high church Anglican parishes, with Holy Communion being the main Sunday morning service once or twice per month, or rarely, quarterly. It can be led by a licensed lay reader and is prayed by some devout Anglicans daily in private (clergy are required to pray Morning and Evening prayer). At Saint David’s, Morning Prayer is the main morning service on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month unless otherwise posted in our News section.

If you’re new to Anglican worship, you can expect to hear Scripture read and preached, to be guided in prayer, and to receive Communion if you desire. At times, you will see some people making certain gestures like the sign of the cross, bowing, or kneeling during prayer. Keep in mind that there is no expectation for you to mimic these actions unless you find them meaningful. Overall, our hope is that, as you take a closer look, you would discover deep significance behind the symbols and ritual; as you listen more attentively, you would hear an unexpected richness in the prayers; and as you fully engage in worship, you would encounter the living God.