Anglican Worship

The Anglican Catholic Church worships using the traditional Book of Common Prayer, and other authorized derivatives. At Saint David’s, we worship using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Other authorized versions throughout the Church include the 1954 BCP (South Africa), the 1962 BCP (Canada), the English Missal, the American Missal, and the Anglican Missal. Congregations in the Anglican Catholic Church have the option to use an authorized version that suits their needs. Some Churches use only the BCP and the liturgy resembles closely that of the Church of England in the early 1920’s, while others worship using a Missal, and use beautiful vestments, incense, bells, many servers, deacons, sub-deacons, and the services resemble that of a Roman Tridentine service except in English. While we are many different congregations, and can worship in many different ways, we are one body, one Church, united in Christ.

Anglican worship is designed to remind us that while the things that we encounter in the world are temporary, the things we experience in Church are eternal. The richness of the liturgy is intended to engage the human soul–body, mind, and spirit–in the worship of God.